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Measure Your Little One

Unsure on size? (insert brannock device emoji)⁣

⁣⁣We’re offer both a printable sizing chart as well as a conversion chart from inches to our custom sizing! 

Always crafted with love in Pennsylvania from our family to yours. 🇺🇸


Our Sizing Chart

Zimmerman Shoes are based on traditional sizing. This size chartwas designed from our molds (lasts) used to shape each one of our shoes. 

Note: Our sizing chart starts at an infant’s size 0 and ends at a youth size 3. Asa reference, an average one year old child is a size 4. Please note sizing doesvary per child. This size chart is exact, if you would like growing room pleasesize up one half size to one whole size. 


Little Steps, one at a time

• Grab a sheet of paper and draw a single line.
Then have your child stand with their foot on the line. 

• Mark where their longest toe and heel ends, then measure the space in between the marks. Remember to leave a little bit of wiggle room for socks/tights. If in doubt, it's always best to size up for some growing room. 

• Convert the measurement (in inches) to our sizing chart. 

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