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Our Factory

We recently had a photo shoot with the talented Rebecca Donohue in our family's historic 1888 factory. It was a Sunday afternoon with great light and lots of laughing.


Audrey and I kept cracking each other up by saying, "Sometimes we just stand in the office and look at one another. Oftentimes we sit on the conveyor belt and laugh. It's a pretty regular thing for us to just hang out here by the leather." Both of us are more comfortable behind a camera than in front of it, so we had to be a little silly to loosen up a bit.


Rebecca was amazing to work with, and she did a phenomenal job finding the beauty in our old factory and capturing us just being ourselves. 


Most of the time, machines are whirring, the phone is ringing, our team is here and working, and we have a to-do list that's a mile long. It was a pretty beautiful change to just be in this space that's so important to our family and document this moment in our company's history. 

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