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Petite Parade Edition 8

Last weekend, Audrey and I were honored to attend Petite Parade / Kids Fashion Week. We made some custom shoes that walked the runway as a complement to the stunning Imoga Collection, and quite honestly it was a dream come true.

HJ, the designer for Imoga, and Kiki, the stylist for the show, are both so talented and just really great people. Everyone we met at the show was phenomenal. Not only is it a beautiful event, but the atmosphere is so incredibly happy, supportive, and welcoming. We feel really grateful to have been a small part of it!

When most people look at our shoes, they see cute little shoes. When we look at our shoes, we see our dad's hands tracing patterns and templates. We see our aunt cutting leather. We see what it takes to have them lasted correctly. We see all the pieces and parts and steps and collective years of experience that go into each shoe. So to see that finished product styled so beautifully with such gorgeous clothes on a runway was so inspiring.

The girls are wearing our 1987 Scalloped Mary Jane in custom colors to complement the Imoga Collection.

Photos by Eduardo Cavasotti (@cavasottiphoto), styling by Kiki Tillman (@stillsize2), veils and gloves by  Love My Alannah (@lovmyalannah), and clothing by Imoga (@imogacollection).


Mar 05, 2015

Your shoes are so sophisticated and classic! One of BIG fans. xoxo

Mar 04, 2015

These are great! So happy for you guys!!


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