Ritzy Reba Photo Shoot

There are a couple great things about this gig. One of them is getting to know amazing moms and their sweet babes. Another is meeting other small business owners and collaborating on projects.

One of those cool people is Rebekah of Ritzy Reba. She creates the most darling illustrations for little ones, and she used some of our shoes in a recent photo shoot. 

Dress / Bow / Piggy Print / Shoes


Dress / Bow / Happy Cones Print / Shoes


Dress / Cinderella Dress Print / Shoes


Top / Flower Crown / Baby Deer Print / Shoes




Aren't Rebkah's prints and colors just full of pure joy?? We're thrilled to have our shoes incorporated in such a happy shoot! All photos by the talented Brock Alli Photography.

Next time you need some nursery decor or a happy little gift for baby, check out Ritzy Reba's adorable selection.

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