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Our Holiday Shoot with MaeJean Vintage

There are a few things that Audrey and I are pretty into: 1. Vintage everything. 2. All things Christmas. 3. Shiny things i.e. jewelry. With this in mind, it makes sense why we were so excited about collaborating with our gorgeous friends Laura, Amanda, and Dahlia of MaeJean Vintage for a holiday shoot. Our picture perfect model is Dahlia's little girl Vienna, and she was an absolute CHARMER. 

vintage style little girl with jewelry

Clothes - vintage / model's own | Jewelry


I mean, come on right!? She's so stinking cute!!

vintage style girl's outfit red mary janes

Clothes - vintage / model's own | Jewelry | Shoes


holiday 2015 vintage girls outfit

Clothes - vintage / model's own | Jewelry | Shoes


vintage style little girl with gold shoes

Clothes - vintage / model's own | Jewelry | Shoes


vintage jewelry for girls

Clothes - vintage / model's own | Jewelry 

At one point, we decided to do some outdoor shots. We were out there for no more than ten minutes, and, despite the fact that we took these photos in mid- October, we had this perfect moment where it actually snowed. Granted, it was a very light rainy snow, but it was magical nonetheless. We were all jumping around realizing with glee that it was actually snowing, and miss Vienna had the best expression of wonder and excitement!


vintage outfit for little girls holiday 2015

Clothes - vintage / model's own | Jewelry | Shoes

We'll definitely be sharing more photos from this shoot as we roll into the holiday season. In the meantime, head over to MaeJean Vintage. Laura and Amanda are gemology students and Etsy all-stars who are so passionate and knowledgeable about vintage jewelry. They have an amazing selection of vintage and antique pieces in tiny sizes that are just right for that very special little girl in your life. 



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