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Milou & Pilou

Milou & Pilou

It's always fun to see how mamas style our shoes on their little ones. And every once in a while, our shoes are paired with clothing so perfectly that we just have to learn more about the makers behind these pieces. That was the case with the adorable Spanish brand Milou and Pilou.

Zimmermans Shoes and Milou and Pilou by ERobyn

Skirt | Shoes | Photo by Robyn Jones @erobyn


Milou and Pilou's designer Alicia sent a few pieces to the lovely Robyn Jones @erobyn, and we did as well. When Robyn started putting outfits together, we fell in love with Alicia's clothes, and Alicia fell in love with our shoes! 


Zimmermans Shoes and Milou & Pilou by Robyn Jones

Dress | Boots | Mary Janes | Photo by Robyn Jones @erobyn


It turns out that Alicia's process for Milou and Pilou is similar to ours here at Zimmerman Shoes. The designs are meant to evoke the past and recreate styles that the designers wore when they were children. 


Zimmerman Shoes + Milou and Pilou by Robyn Jones

Dress | Boots | Mary Janes | Photo by Robyn Jones @erobyn


Milou & Pilou is also a family run business just like ours. All of their designs are ethically crafted in Barcelona, but Alicia's family is both Spanish and French. You can influence from both sides of the family tree in their clothes. 


Zimmerman Shoes and Milou & Pilou by Robyn Jones

Skirt | Shoes | Photo by Robyn Jones @erobyn


We loved getting to know Alicia a bit and seeing our shoes paired with her clothes. With so much in common in our business priorities and vintage aesthetics, it's not hard to see why Milou & Pilou and Zimmerman Shoes make great brand buddies. Thank you, Alicia and Robyn. It's been a pleasure to connect with both of you!

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