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Audrey Fisherman Sandal - White


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The closed toe Audrey Sandal is made with white glove leather and features an adjustable ankle strap. The structure of the shoe and the flexible sole provide stability without weight to support your child's early steps. The perfect style to transition from spring to summer!

Photos by: Laura Palacios

Did you know we have two ways to check your child’s shoe size! You could use our printable sizing chart or measure your child’s foot with these simple steps:

01. draw a straight line on a piece of paper and place your child's foot on the line

02. place a mark by their heel and where their biggest toe ends

03. measure the space in inches and use the conversion chart to get their size

Helpful tips:-pick the size of the larger foot-account for socks-size up for growing room

Let us know if you have any questions at all! You can find a printable version of these instructions here.

  • Full grain leather, adjustable strap, flexible rubber sole

Do Zimmerman Shoes need any special care? It depends!

Do you like the unique look only natural leather gets after each use or do you prefer the look of a more maintained shoe?

There’s no wrong answer! Many of our customers love the natural leather look more and more after use, but if you want to keep the leather protected for longer that’s great too!

We suggest using warm water, mild dish soap (like Dawn), and a white cloth. Gently wipe away dirt or marks left on the shoes (do not submerge the shoes into water). Please note these cleaning instructions work best for full-grain leather (not suede or nubuck). Please double-check the shoe material before cleaning!

Looking for polish to protect your shoes overtime? We suggest using Chamberlain's Leather Milk. They offer a variety of products that are all natural and work great with our footwear! Please carefully read instructions before using. We do recommend testing on a discreet area to make sure it gives the look you’re going for.

Please note: Our footwear is made with 100% genuine leather, which may be prone to scuffing and wear overtime. This is typical for leather footwear and makes the shoes unique to your little one!

Have any questions? Email customerservice@zimmermanshoes.com

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