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Talent Tuesday: Linda

Talent Tuesday is our new weekly feature where we introduce the people who make Zimmerman Shoes. Our manufacturer is our long-standing family business, the oldest children's shoe manufacturer in the country.

Today we’re featuring our own lovely Linda! Linda has been in the shoe industry for thirty-two years, and the last four of those years have been here at our plant.





After the leather pieces are cut by Kirsten, Linda is the next step in the process. She operates several machines. If the pieces need to be split down or thinned where they’ll be stitched (skived), Linda does that. She also adds a bit of structure to the toe on some styles. Not only that, but she also operates the machine that cuts our cute scallop on our Mary Janes.

Linda loves to joke around, and she’s always the first one to be interested in our new styles and mock-ups as we brainstorm through them. She also loves Law and Order, knows how to make some excellent beef jerky, and throws a Halloween bash each year.

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