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Talent Tuesday: Barb

Talent Tuesday is our new weekly feature where we introduce the people who make Zimmerman Shoes. Our manufacturer is our long-standing family business, the oldest children's shoe manufacturer in the country.

Today we’re featuring Barb who’s known for her perfect stitching, so it’s a good thing that her job is to sew our beautiful leather uppers.

After Linda preps each piece of leather, it’s Barb’s job to line the pieces up and stitch them together. At this point, the shoe begins to take form. Even after twenty-eight years of stitching, Barb still loves shoes so much that she collects all kinds of ornamental shoes, from glass to wood to ceramic. In her spare time, you can find Barb reading biographies of notable women such as Barbara Bush, Jacki O, and Carly Fiorina.

Over her time here, Barb has probably made millions of perfect little stitches. Thank you, Barb!

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