Blake Acres

At the beginning of the summer, we had an order come through for a sweet family in New England. We made up a pair of Stevie Sandals for them, sent them off, and started to get tagged in some images on Instagram. When Audrey and I saw these photos, we were both like, "Whaaaattt?? So cute!" We both agreed that this mom needed to start a blog. Did we tell her that? No. But did we secretly want to keep up with all of their summer adventures and see where they take our sandals and what other cute brands they're wearing? YES. 

And then, that same mom started a blog, and we're so excited for her! By way of beautiful photos, Blake Acres by Jessica documents both the outings and staycations of her daughters, Elise and Mila. They're a darling New England family on the go, and we just couldn't be more charmed by Jessica's photos, Elise's looks of wonder and joy, and Mila's sweet baby smiles. 

Dress | Shoes | Original Post


Dress (by our friends and "neighbors") | Original Post


Playsuit | Shoes | Original Post


Dress | Onesie | HatShoes | Original Post


Original Post


Dress | Hat | Original Post


Dress (by our friends and "neighbors") | Hat | Original Post


Bonnet + Blouse + Bloomers Set | Muslin SwaddleOriginal Post


Dress | ShortsShoes | Original Post

Her photos are PERFECTION, right?? Beyond that, we love that Jessica focuses on buying her girls pieces that are ethically made with love and crafted to last. Thank you, Jessica! We're excited to watch your blog and, more importantly, your family grow! 

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  • Oh em gee!!! So cuuuuute!!!! I have to check out her blog!

    • Brianne Geiger