Factory Photo Series: Time

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We're proud to be a small, family operated American manufacturer. Our little old factory is a very special place to us, and that's why we're excited to bring you the Factory Photo Series.

This post's theme is time, and there are layers of time all over the place around here. The shoe company dates to 1888, so people have been making shoes here for a while, and it shows. Which, in our opinion, is a good thing.
kids shoes made in america
Production Control Report in the Fitting Room, where all of our shoes are stitched together. We don't use this anymore, but isn't that old font fantastic?
time cards
Where we punch in and out each day
banana stickers
Lots of breaks, lunches, and snacks over the years were taken here.
black and white photo
An old catalogue taped up. The model is our cousin, Becky. She has two little ones of her own now.
office clock
Our office clock. We actually have our own time zone; it's 10 minutes ahead of everyone else. Back in the day, when our town was full of factories, someone here decided that we should bump our clocks up by 10 minutes to beat the lunch rush and the end of day rush. There aren't really any factories in town besides ours anymore, but we still keep to that schedule. 
time stops
This is Kirsten's clock. You may have read about our aunt Kirsten a little while ago here. If you follow us on social media, you may also know that she passed away suddenly this past fall. This clock that hangs in the factory stopped ticking at pretty much the exact time of her passing. She LOVED looking for ghosts and orbs, and always claimed there were spirits in the factory, so it makes complete sense that she'd send us a reminder like this. 
Some people prefer everything to be shiny and new, but we love keeping these reminders of the people who've spent their days here, worked with our family, and made so many little pairs of shoes over the years. 

All photos by my talented sister and partner, Audrey Zimmerman


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